I’m sorry, little fellow


How many of these little guys are going through bladder pain for us?


3 responses to “I’m sorry, little fellow

  1. I cannot bare to think about this issue. Its beyond sad but seems to fall under the category of ‘neccessary evil’…..as well as ‘bury head in sand and dont think about it.’ Otherwise I feel too sad and guilty on behalf of humanity. :-((

  2. Yes, but I fortunate to know someone who works in the field and she described the humane way the mice are treated, with respect and compassion. It made me understand more and I felt better about it. I wanted to honor them by mentioning them in this blog. There used to be links to some of the studies going on, but I guess they expired or dropped off….

  3. That’s something at least. It’s always been a topic I feel very torn and conflicted about. But I suppose you have to think, if mice had evolved into the dominant species, they would be doing the same to us. It’s just the natural way of life. Sad but true. And I cannot deny that I would not wish to live in a world which did not have the many medications and treatments which have been made avilable to us through vivisection. Human sufferring must be relieved at all costs….

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