pelvic nerve surgeries- POST DELETED


I must add a disclaimer to this post based on what I have experienced since my PNE surgeries – I have had three surgeries, one with Dr. Hibner and two with Dr. Dellon. With every surgery, once my body recovered from the initial shock of surgery and all the medication that had numbed me during the surgery, the pelvic pain returned in full force, even worse than before the surgery. That is why I say — in MY EXPERIENCE — PNE surgery does not work. Besides myself, I know many patients who are in worse shape and suffering terribly after surgeries. So, while reading my posts about surgery, realize this was written while I was in that hopeful time of researching surgical options, not in the aftermath of surgery when pain, disappointment and loss set in. I have asked Dr. Dellon to remove my case from his book, and am hoping to see that he has done so in the next month or so.


This post was about a new chapter in Dr. Lee Dellon’s book on pudendal nerve surgery.

I was actually one of the cases illustrated in the chapter.

Because I did not get better from surgery, and in fact was worse – I have asked Dr. Dellon to remove me from the book.

As of this writing, it still has not been done.


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