Doing GREAT, feeling GRATEFUL


I’ve been asked to post updates on how I am doing.

I am doing GREAT!… We went to a restaurant last night with family and I enjoyed it fully. It is such a treat to sit at a table or in a booth like a “regular” person and have conversations that have nothing to do with my illness. I get to do so many things like this on a daily basis now — as long as I take good care of myself. Here are just a few of the things I have to remember to do:

– get plenty of sleep on a regular schedule (I had to stop the night owl stuff)
– eat IC-safe foods (no flirting with coffee or chocolate – it always flares me.. absolutely NO sodas)
– avoid processed foods (which includes restaurant foods, meats and chicken that has been soaked in brine with preservatives so it will keep longer)
– avoid long bumpy, or windy car trips
– avoid STRESS – this is a big one. Sometimes you have to go through it, like when I went to the dentist yesterday, but when I have a choice I avoid situations and people who bring too much DRAMA into my life (I can’t fix it anyway)
– don’t overdo it!!! … notice when I am getting tired and REST

I still get in trouble because I am impulsive and compulsive. I love excitement and can get caught up in anything “shiny” that gets my attention. I’m a perfectionist and over-doer so I expect to do it all perfectly and have it done yesterday. These things lead to STRESS. I seem to have a pattern of over-doing and then paying for it. But I am learning. I am fortunate that at this stage of my life things are much simpler than they used to be when I was working over 40 hours a week and actively parenting.

Hope this helps! My heart goes out to those in the midst of pain. Pain without a cure or at least a treatment that provides relief is almost unbearable. I pray that everyone finds the hope and relief I have found, that makes life turn from misery to joy.


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