Playing and living LIFE!!!!

Scratch my belly please?

Scratch my belly please?

There’s nothing like a loving pet to get you through tough times. This is my little guy, a mixed terrier who was there with me when I was swallowed up with pain. He is our protector, and takes his job seriously, patrolling the backyard every day. LOL!

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Thank you so much for your comments and congrats! It is so weird to be on this side of the fence, now that I am able to live life again. I am functioning as an independent person! Driving, walking, shopping, and creating art every day!!! My sister was here yesterday, and we got to baby-sit her 1-yr-old grandson while his momma went to a movie with friends. What joy!!! Instead of laying in bed or the recliner with ice on my crotch and numbed out with pain meds, I was fully THERE, in the backyard playing with him and our little terrier, taking photos and enjoying the sunshine. When more people arrived later, I prepared some delicious tortilla chips with organic onion dip and cheeses and pesto from Trader Joes. I suddenly realized I was ENTERTAINING people in my home again!!! It was such a wonderful moment; I was overcome with emotion and my sister saw and came in the kitchen and we hugged. We were both teary-eyed, yet cracking up with happiness.

My pain pump (which I named “Gertrude”) has just become part of my body… most of the time I don’t notice it. If I have a flare and end up in pain again, I have a device from my doctor that allows me to give myself a “bolus” – (extra medication). I just turn it on and hold it over my abdomen right where my pump is and it sends a signal to release an exact dose of medication. That allows me to keep going if I get stressed or otherwise flared… and the amazing thing is that I don’t get knocked out like I used to with oral meds or the fentanyl patch. Which reminds me – as of three days ago, I am TOTALLY OFF the Fentanyl patch!!!! Woo- hoo! I was up to 75 mcg and have titrated down to zero over the past 3-4 months.

I wanted to share some of the good stuff, after more than a decade of sharing misery and pain.


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  1. And when I need a gratitude boost, I will look up your comment and read it!!! Thank you for “reading” me!

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