IMPORTANT:   I am going back through my blog and adding this warning to every post about PNE surgery.
WARNING:  PNE surgeries are failing.
I, as well as many friends I have made on this journey, have undergone PNE surgery only to get worse; living lives in unbearable pain and distress. I personally know five people who are now bedridden as a result of the surgery.  Not only are they still unable to sit, but some are also unable to walk. A couple of them are in so much pain and despair they no longer wish to go on. 
I  hold the surgeons who continue to perform PNE surgery responsible for causing unimaginable damage and pain. They are leaving their patients in terrible distress, and when patients call their offices they are ignored or just reminded that healing from PNE surgery takes two years. I know many of us who have waited for the two-year mark, only to find out that we are no better, and in fact, much worse than before the surgery. We are left to fend for ourselves. Once I really accepted that, I was able to move on and find a way out. Instead of continuing to seek treatments or surgeries that only made me worse, I gave up on finding “the cure.”
I realized that pain was the problem, and I sought help from a pain expert (you can read about it here: http://wp.me/p3ngLE-bQSHg
And that has given me my life back.
P.S. I received an offer from the surgeon who performed the TG (transgluteal) approach on my left pudendal nerve, to undergo ketamine treatment as part of a program he was setting up for those whose surgeries had failed. I was told by the nurse who called me that there was a list of 50 patients waiting for the ketamine treatment. That’s 50 failed surgeries!!! With numbers like that one can only ask – WHY do they continue to do these surgeries?




  1. This article highlights every thing that my thinking brain has screamed “caution” I am sure there may be some outrage about this article! Nobody who has been threw these surguries wants to hear this!!
    Thanks for your bravery!

  2. Hi Anne
    I suppose this could happen, although the surgeons may feel more outrage than us patients! I know so many of us who have gone through the surgeries and are worse, or at the least, still suffering as much as before surgery. I forgot to mention that two of my friends have also developed CRPS in their buttocks, legs and feet due to the surgery. One of them has already had ketamine infusions and is now pursuing other treatments, as it didn’t help her.
    I’m glad you commented. Thanks!

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