Feelin’ groovy . . .


How am I doing?  I’m happy to report that I’m DOING GREAT!!!!

I’m well into the second year with my pain pump, nick-named “Gertrude” for gratitude. She is doing her job, keeping my nether regions nice and numb so I don’t feel the knife-like pain that has haunted me for 20 years now.

In my last post, I wasn’t feeling great because of a bladder flare. I went through a period of bladder infections which flared my bladder, and then the antibiotics flared my bladder worse. But the pain was so much less than it would have been before I got the pump. I was still able to be out in the world, doing things, going grocery shopping, making art, etc. In fact, every day since the pump has been better than any day before the pump. I try to remember that before I start complaining.

Any day that I’m not in bed, packed in ice cubes and heating pads, is a good day!!!!

So, what kinds of things am I doing now that I have the option of doing things???

I’m making art quilts, my favorite thing. And recently, I completed a series of drawing classes over four weeks. I actually completed something I committed to do — which wasn’t possible before, when I was ill. I would try to do something (this is before being bedridden) and go to the first session or class, and then drop out because it was just too hard. Now I look back and see that I was extremely brave and motivated just to try in the first place, with such overwhelming pain with me every second.

I also want to report that I’ve been cooking some great meals! This wasn’t possible before the pump. My bladder wouldn’t stand for it. Every time I cooked I would flare, because any spices or yummy foods were dangerous. Now I am eating small amounts of TOMATO (unheard of!) and fruits other than pears! (Anyone with IC will know what I’m talking about!) I even found some cold-pressed coffee at Trader Joes that is delish!!! I never thought I’d be able to drink coffee again!!! I have to be judicious and stick to only one cup, or two watered-down cups, or my bladder will get mad at me — but hey – this is SO MUCH BETTER than NO coffee!!!

I will fill you in on my cooking endeavors in a separate post… For today, I just wanted to share that I’m very happy, and feelin’ groovy!!!


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