Go away you nasty bladder infection!


Waaahhh.  Bladder infection. UTI. Whatever. I wasn’t sure whether it was a really BAD flare or an actual bladder infection. But there has been a forest fire in my lower abdomen for several days.

I peed in a cup yesterday and got the news today. Yup. Infection. Damn. That means taking an antibiotic. Which makes me feel even worse. Plus there is the usual frustration in trying to get the right antibiotic. And my infections seem to always happen on a Friday, when my doctor’s office closes early. AAAAAGGGHHHH!

I just missed the call from the PA telling me they called in Bactrim.  Bactrim!  — the antibiotic from hell. Oh no. After one day on Bactrim I wish I could go back to how I felt before starting it. I’m nauseated and miserable. I have kept an almost-full bottle of Bactrim in my medicine cabinet to remind myself. It is marked “BAD – DO NOT TAKE!” There is an empty bottle, Levaquin, which is marked “GOOD – FINISHED.” That’s the one I want.

So, here we are. It is Friday, almost noon. According to my pharmacy, my primary care doctor’s office is closed for the day. What?!!!  I have to get the right medication before the weekend or I’m screwed. The clock is ticking.

She says she will try again after 1 p.m. just in case. But I have another idea. I call my urologist, who is in a different office across town, but part of the same medical group. No answer. Arrgh.

Stay tuned … I’ll let you know how it works out in my next post…


2 responses to “Go away you nasty bladder infection!

  1. Plz i havr a question about the pain pump,
    but first are you still active here on your blog ?

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