WARNING: PNE Surgeries Failing

IMPORTANT:   I am going to try to go back through my blog and add this warning to every post about PNE surgery.
WARNING:  PNE surgeries are failing.
I, as well as many friends I have met on the way, have undergone PNE surgery only to get worse; living lives in unbearable pain and distress. I personally know five people who are now bedridden.  Not only are they still unable to sit, but now they are also unable to walk. A couple of them are in so much pain and despair they no longer wish to continue on. 
I  hold the surgeons who continue to perform PNE surgery responsible for causing unimaginable damage and pain. They are leaving their patients in terrible distress, and when patients call their offices they are ignored or just reminded that healing from PNE surgery takes two years. I know many of us who have waited, in bed, for the two-year mark, only to find out that we are no better, and in fact, much worse than before the surgery. We are left to fend for ourselves. Once I really accepted that, I was able to move on and find a way out. Instead of trying to get better, I sought relief for the pain, and found Dr. Joshua Prager at UCLA.

3 responses to “WARNING: PNE Surgeries Failing

  1. Its only a terrible true…The medical system say: 90% success from 3 corticoids blocks (lie! liers!). Surgery? 70% success! Lie!!Liers! Whats success? Placebo Effect? Pain and more pain! Why these doctors continue? Because the patients dont put them in trial (litigy).

  2. I can attest to the fact that surgery does not help anyone. I have been through 3. Same story, horrible pain, thousands of $s. That is in the past. Looking for a Dr.that will implant a pain pump in Mn.

  3. Ellie, thank you for your comment. I am so sorry to hear that you also have had so much pain and sorrow. I just want to caution you about making sure your doctor understands nerve pain (PN) and has experience treating it. Most pain surgeons using the pump for back pain, which is a different protocol than for PN. Read my post about the medications I have in my pump and find out if your doctor uses them. I would be happy to talk with you further on this. If you are on pudendalhope.com just send me a private message.

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